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The Elitron's our converting savant. She's a dual-beam superplotter with an automated loading, cutting, and unloading system.

The Kombo TAV-R is the leading choice for cutting and creasing packaging, displays, and signage without using dies. With the ability to cut a wide variety of materials and finish each shape with extreme accuracy, this flexible operating system boosts production times and reduces costs. Overall, the Kombo TAV-R offers maximum versatility for short and complex production shifts or intensive runs. 


Seeker System K3: the Kombo TAV-R features a dual camera system that reads the underside of sheets, detecting reference point positions and loading the cutting files. The system can also automatically resize the cutting file according to the images detected. 

Loading System: the integrated loading system automates every single phase of the production process. The lifting platform can manages loads up to 4000 Kg, speeding up and guaranteeing the smooth transport of materials from the pallet to the working area. 

Two Cutting Heads: the Kombo TAV-R enables maximum productivity thanks to the two independent, multi-tool cutting heads. Elitron's twincut software balances and assigns the workload for each of the cutting heads, optimizing the overall throughput time.