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Based on ColorHub's research, here are the latest design trends in the packaging industry.


Brands are increasingly honing designs to state their messages clearly and boldly. Successful designs don't come off as empty or lazy, but rather as honest and refreshing. They boast a clarity of purpose, making it easy to identify what the brand is about.

Doze Beds, an e-commerce mattress company, boasts new boxes that are testaments to the power of simplicity. 

We wanted to create something really attention grabbing because we’re selling a product that comes in one of the largest boxes that people will ever get delivered to their door. Also, we wanted to stay true to our brand of modern and clean, but young and fun at the same time.
— Brendan Rice, Co-Founder, Doze Beds


One way simplicity is achieved is through geometric designs. A repeat of shapes across packaging ignites visual interest and creative flair without desperation, resulting in a coolness that is hard to find. 

The chickpea pasta company, Banza, uses geometry to add a touch of complexity to their new packaging. 

When it came time to redesign the package, we set out to build something as bold and modern as the pasta it contained.
— Team Banza

Old Fashioned Throwback

Another trend is the recreation of the past, an aesthetic that emphasizes complex forms and processes, authentic products, and intimate craftmanship. But this nod to the past isn't simply a regurgitation, its an intersection of historic techniques with modern forms. 

Two James Distillery of Detroit, MI, carries a label that emphasizes the brand's legacy and purpose. Named to commemorate the life of two extraordinary men, James Bailey and James Landrum, the distillery is homage to hard work, perseverance, and a passion for life.

About ColorHub:

ColorHub is a B2B digital print sheet feeder for the corrugated packaging, display, and signage markets. In simpler terms, we print high quality graphics onto corrugated (cardboard) sheets that are then sold to corrugated plants to be converted into boxes, displays, and signs for their customers. With state-of-the-art technology, we boast a wickedly efficient print process, allowing artwork to flow directly from a computer to the print press. We eliminate the cost and time associated with print plates and press setup, enabling dramatic speeds and low volumes as well as creative change without changeovers.